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Website design service


I am a full-time consultant surgeon, with extensive experience of multimedia graphics and website design. I am able to produce a range of websites from simple linked HTML pages to database-drive sites using ASP allowing additional functionality such as fora, e-commerce solutions. 

The current site has evolved over 10 years.  It has almost 2000 pages and 5000 images.  Most of the content is in four databases.  The site is written in a combination of HTML, ASP, JavaScript and PERL.  It has over 4000 unique users per day who visit over 10,000 pages.


I am able to offer a website design service for individuals or business who wish to promote themselves or their services.  Design services available include:

  • Programming in HTML, PHP, ASP or JavaScript
  • CSS layouts and styles
  • Online forms
  • Digital imaging and scanning
  • Image optimisation and formatting
  • PDF documentation and form creation
  • Domain name registration
  • Search engine submission
  • Site utilisation statistics



A typical bespoke framed website with 6-10 pages and limited functionality, such as shown above will cost 300. 

I will only work on one project at at a time and a website can usually be be produced within one week.  No deposit will be required.  Small sites will be hosted for free and minor changes made at no additional cost. Payment will only be requested when the customer is happy with the final product.


For free advice about your website requirements and enquiries about website design use the following form. 

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