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Clinical Tutorials

This section contains tutorials each based on a clinical photograph, x-ray or pathological specimen. Each tutorial consists of questions, answers, a short literature review and suggested further reading. The answers to each question can be viewed by hovering the mouse over the answer icon.

 A pulsatile palpable abdominal mass A male breast lesion Multiple calculi A post-opetative scar
A benign breast lump A rapidly growing skin lesion A stoma A cause of cervical lymphadenopathy
Nipple ulceration A hand deformity A pigmented skin lesion A screen-detected breast lesion
A vascular graft Skin changes three years after a mastectomy An inherited colorectal disorder An abdominal mass
Foot ulcers A neurendocrine gastrointestinal tumour A slowly growing facial ulcer A recurrent neck lump
Chronic dysphagia Malignant bone pain A midline neck swelling Recurrent urinary tract infections
A cause of dysphagia A groin lump A breast lump A loin mass and haematuria
Obstructive jaundice Varicose veins chronic cough A congenital gastrointestinal lesion
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