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General surgery

MRCS candidates should:

  • Have a knowledge of the surgical conditions listed below
  • Know the principles of investigations used by the speciality
  • Know the principles of the main surgical procedures used

The abdomen

Abdominal trauma

Common abdominal problems

Abdominal emergencies

Abdominal hernia

Intestinal fistulae

Gastrointestinal stomas

Upper gastrointestinal surgery

Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery

Colorectal surgery

Surgical disorders of the colon and rectum

Surgical disorders of the anus and perineum

Breast and endocrine surgery

Common breast disorders

Breast carcinoma

Surgery of the thyroid gland

Parathyroid disorders

Adrenal disorders and secondary hypertension

Endocrine disorders of the pancreas

Vascular surgery

Arterial surgery

Venous disorders of the lower limb


Organ transplantation

  • Basic principles of transplant immunology
  • Clinical organ transplantation
  • Organ donation and procurement
  • Immunosuppression and prevention of rejection
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