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Slide Library

This section contains a slide library of over 1,250 clinical, pathological and radiological images, many of which have not been used elsewhere on the site.  Images are available to be downloaded and can be used freely for any private educational purpose.  They are not watermarked.  Images should not be used in any other publishing media or reproduced on other web sites.

Access is password protected. To obtain a password submit three original images that can be added to the slide library.  Images should be sent as file attachments to [email protected] . Pictures will not be accepted without the name of the person submitting the image and the hospital, city and country in which the image was taken.   Contributions will be appropriately acknowledged.  Images reproduced from copyright-protected sources or other web sites will not be accepted.

Pictures will be subjected to editorial review and only appropriate images will appear on the site.  It will be assumed that consent for the images was obtained at the time the picture was taken.  Pictures will be published in accordance with United Kingdom General Medical Council guidelines on the making and use of audio and visual recordings of patients.


The Basic Science and Clinic Revision Revision notes and all of  the images from the slide library are available on CD-ROM.  For further information click on the following link.


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