Pantogen Surgical Scripts

Mr Michael Edwards is a recently-retired Consultant General Surgeon from Woodlands Hospital, Darlington. Co Durham. He continues to maintain an academic interest in bridging the gap between teaching and operative competence. He has developed several educational tools for use in surgical training. He is a convenor on the Surgical Skills Course at Leeds General Infirmary and is on the Editorial Board of the Knowledge and Skills Website of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.  Away from medicine he enjoys water colour painting and is a windsurfing instructor.

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A Pantogen Surgical Script is a quick and easy operative surgical training tool.  It intent to provide virtually all the information required on how to perform a named operation.  This information could only otherwise be obtained by observing and performing the operation several times.  Each script contains the many small steps that a surgeon actually undertakes in performing the operation.  Each step is backed up by the appropriate anatomical and pathological information needed to complete it.  In addition, each script presents hints and advice for avoiding, preventing and solving technical problems that may be encountered. It is acknowledged that there are entirely acceptable alternatives to the procedures, equipment and materials suggested in each script. 

Pantogen Scripts

While the authors has made strenuous efforts to ensure that each Pantogen Surgical Scripts is safe and as reliable as possible they accept no liability for problems that may occur from their use in their original or modified form.  They accept no responsibility for difficulties encountered in performing any of the techniques described, or using any of the equipment or materials outlined in the text.  The scripts are not a substitute for appropriate surgical training.
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