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Multiple Choice Questions

Clinical and Basic Science MCQs

This section contains a selection of clinical and basic science multiple choice questions covering all areas of surgical practice.  Each question has the answer immediately available with internal links to appropriate revision notes or tutorials.

Questions 1-10Questions 11-20Questions 21-30Questions 31-40

Questions 41-50Questions 51-60Questions 61-70Questions 71-80

Questions 81-90Questions 91-100

Mini MCQ Examinations

This section contains 'mini' multiple choice examinations. Each examination contains ten questions marked according to the same scheme used in the MRCS examination.  The overall score is calculated at the end of each test.

Core examinationCore2 examinationSystem examinationSystem2 examination

Anatomy examinationOrthopaedics examinationPaediatrics examinationPhysiology examination

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