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Legal notices


The medical information contained within this site is intended for educational purposes only.  All the information is believed to be complete and reliable, but technical inaccuracies or typographical errors can not be excluded. Medical advice can not be hosted or provided via this site. The information contained within is not a substitute for a professional medical opinion. 

Links to third part web sites are provided solely as a convenience to you.  If you use these links you will leave the site.  Surgical-tutor.org.uk has reviewed all of these third part sites but does not control and is not responsible for any of the content.  If you decide to access any of the third party sites linked to this site you do so entirely at your own risk.

Privacy policy

Your right to maintain your privacy is respected.  By visiting this or any other web site you temporarily surrender part of your privacy. 

Surgical-tutor.org.uk does not the following:

  • Derive your e-mail address from your IP address.
  • Store any private information without clear and obvious permission of the user.
  • Sell e-mail addresses of registered users.
  • Use e-mail addresses of registered users for promotion or advertising.
  • Share user information with an advertiser or partner web site.

Surgical-tutor.org.uk does the following:

  • Uses cookies as default server operations.
  • Uses cookies to track site use.
  • Uses aggregated user demographic information gathered through server statistics to target web site improvements.
  • Uses aggregated user demographic information gathered through server statistics to attract advertisers and partner web sites.  This is necessary for access to surgical-tutor.org.uk to remain free and unrestricted

To be removed from mailing lists e-mail [email protected] with the heading REMOVE.

Funding policy

Surgical-tutor.org.uk receives no direct financial support from any commercial organisation or individual.  The computer, software, domain name registration and web space have all been funded by the author.  The time required to maintain the site is donated for free. The sites sole source of income is referral fees from books purchased on-line from amazon.co.uk.  

Advertising policy

Surgical-tutor.org.uk would invite commercially interested companies to sponsor the project with educational grants. The following rules will however apply:

  • Advertising and other promotional material will be presented in an manner and context that facilitates differentiation between it and the original material created by surgical-tutor.org.uk.
  • The financial commitment from the sponsor to this educational project gives them no right to influence the content of the site.

All pages, documents and graphics on the site are subject to copyright.

This notice does not apply to:

  • material, information, programs or graphics on other sites linked to this one
  • material, information, programs or graphics provided by companies to surgical-tutor.org.uk

Surgical-tutor.org.uk authorises you to:

  • View and display the material using a recognised browser
  • Download the material to store in a local computer for a period not exceeding 30 days
  • Print out the material provided that you reproduce the document in its entirety. 
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