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Plummer-Vinson syndrome

  • Sideropenic dysphagia. Koilonychia with glossitis and difficulty in swallowing due to iron deficiency. There is usually an association with iron deficiency anaemia.
  • H S Plummer (1874-1936) U S physician. Born in Hamilton, Minnesota he graduated in 1898 from North-western University and after practising with his father in Racine, Minnesota, he joined the Mayo Clinic in 1901 and remained until he died. He was one of the first to investigate the therapeutic use of oxygen in respiratory disease. He was particularly interested in the diagnostic and investigative potential of bronchoscopy and oesophagoscopy. This led to his interest in oesophageal spasm and oesophageal stricture and in his development of hydrostatic dilators and oesophageal sounds which he designed and made in his own workshop. He had wide interests in literature, music and the visual arts as well as being an authority on the cultivation of flowers. His death followed a cerebral thrombosis. P P Vinson (1890-1959) U.S. physician who also worked at the Mayo Clinic.



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