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What other people have said:

"Any resource that enables you to access information and advice directly relevant to you is a valuable one, especially when time is at a premium....Emphasis is placed on the MRCS exams and this is reflected in the organisation of much of the educational material....What sets this site apart from many other resource-based sites is the way in which trainees are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience. This 'human element' is particularly helpful in the areas of exam experiences and interview technique...This interactivity adds much to the site...In providing educational material, information and targeted advice, surgical-tutor.org.uk offers valuable support to postgraduate surgical candidates.." -  Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England

"The UK's online surgical tutor (www.surgical-tutor.org.uk) is an outstanding site for surgery in general and includes revision notes on vascular surgery. Some people may find the layout a little bit dry, others may welcome the clarity and the fact that everything is written out in lists—this can be extremely helpful when revising for exams. Even qualified doctors use this website when preparing for membership exams. The website contains many other interesting things, such as lots of illustrations and images and even biographies on famous surgeons." - Student BMJ

"Surgeons in training, especially those in Britain, should visit this website. It offers multiple services, most of good quality and with some nice touches, including biographies of well known surgeons and a section on the thoughts of junior surgeons during recent interviews. There is also a form for others to document what happened at the interview. A good sense of community is on offer here." - British Medical Journal

"An impressive and up to date resource for postgraduate surgical examination candidates" - Medix-uk.com

"Surgical-tutor is a free online surgical resource, developed and maintained by a surgical specialist registrar, Mr Stephen Parker. The teaching materials available from this site are specifically aimed at those preparing for postgraduate surgical examinations. The site includes clinical tutorials based on images, x-rays, and pathological specimens, multiple choice questions and mini examinations, x-ray films with attached teaching notes, and histopathological slides with attached teaching notes. An additional feature is an archive of articles from published surgical literature, which are relevant to general surgical practice." - Omni.ac.uk

"The site offers revision notes, pathology and X-ray galleries with attached tutorials, clinical tutorials, multiple choice questions and quizzes, a gallery of famous surgeons and other features that provide an excellent insight into various aspects of general surgery.  Surgical tutor is highly recommended and is a must-see for every surgeon and surgical resident. We hope it will continue to grow and develop as a source for surgical education." - Anastomose.com

"This website is designed and run by an experienced surgeon and as such contains a valuable amount of information about MRCS and FRCS preparation...." - Medicbyte.com

" A free educational resource including journal reviews, MCQs, slides and tutorials aimed at MRCS and FRCS. Clearly designed and easily navigable." - Medicalaudit.co.uk

"This is an extremely useful site for people preparing for the MRCS examination as it provides clinical tutorials, slide libraries, MCQs and revision notes. A goldmine of information and FREE!" - cybermedicalcollege.com

"This excellent site is dedicated to providing post graduate students with every resource they need for their MRCS and FRCS examinations. The site is very well designed and easy to use and contains information on everything from famous surgeons through to revision notes, MCQs and interview advice. It is hard to believe that one author managed to create such a thorough site: this site is highly recommended!" - DrMCQ.com

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